Retaining Wall and Patios Transform Ottawa Properties

Professionally designed and constructed retaining walls add depth and dimension to outdoor spaces. Manotick Landscaping Contractors offers a variety of stone and concrete options for creating retaining walls and patios for Ottawa area landscapes that will transform the appearance of your property and add functionality. With so many styles, colours and textures available, today’s concrete and paving stones can provide enduring beauty that is virtually maintenance-free.

The Purpose of a Retaining Wall
While retaining walls provide an excellent means of improving the appearance of your property, their true purpose is to hold back or retain the soil contained behind them. Retaining walls are a great solution for:

  • Preserving sloping properties; the wall prevents the earth from sliding downward through erosion
  • Maximizing your property’s usable space: create terraces, making use of vertical as well as horizontal space
  • Creating “rooms” within your garden, for seating, outdoor cooking, and active sports

Wooden Deck or Concrete Patio?
The growing popularity of wooden decks in the past few decades has led to fewer concrete or stone patios being constructed on new and existing homes. However, in recent years, those homeowners who had a wood deck installed have had to consider replacing them because of warped or rotting wood, or they have become tired of having to stain and seal them every few years. Concrete and interlock paver patios are once again becoming popular with consumers as they compare concrete’s versatility, durability and ease of maintenance to other types of building materials.

Concrete can be formed into any shape you wish, and recent advancements in colouring techniques allow you to choose the perfect hue to complement your landscape or home exterior. A concrete patio will provide years of service and rarely requires more than a hose or a broom to keep it looking great.

For more information about retaining walls and patios or to request a free estimate and no-obligation consultation at your home or business, please contact our office.

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